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Author: Dr Laurent , Schwartz et. al.

Country of Origin: France

Key-Words: Hydroxycitrate, alpha lipoic acid, chloroquine, metformin, metabolism, metastatic cancer

Found in: Vol. 10 Pgs: 20 - 27

Published: 11 October 2014

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Cancer Therapy

The journal “Cancer Therapy” ( encompasses various fields in Cancer. It does not apply any charges to authors for pages, color figures, reviewers fees, and is an open access without subscription passwords to all audiences.

The scope of Cancer Therapy is to rapidly publish original and in-depth review articles on cancer embracing all fields from molecular mechanisms to results on clinical trials. Articles (both invited and submitted) review or report novel findings of importance on cancer, from basic research to clinical results including drugs based on platinum compounds, antimicrotubule agents, antitumor antibiotics, alkylating agents, antimetabolites, antiangiogenesis, monoclonal antibodies, natural products, kinase inhibitors and others. Also, topics concerning natural products that have shown positive results with some types of cancer. Furthermore, the so long neglected subject of cancer immunotherapy which should be considered alongside surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy as the fourth cornerstone of anti-cancer treatment.

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Volume 10

(Currently in Development!) Manuscript Contributions Welcomed

1-12Signaling And Metabolism In Cancer: Endocrine Pancreas Deficiency And Hybrid Anabolism – Catabolism, Drugs That Undo The Process.
Dr. Maurice , Israël
13-37Can plants growing in diverse hostile environments provide a vital source of anticancer drugs?
Dr. A.K. , Madan, R. Dutt, Vandana Garg and A.K. Madan
13-19Metabolic cancer treatment: Intermediate results of a clinical study
Dr. Laurent, Schwartz, Ludivine Buhler, Philippe Icard1, Hubert Lincet, Mireille Gettler Summa and Jean-Marc Steyaert,
20-27The addition of chloroquine and metformine to Metabloc induces a rapid drop of tumor markers in advanced carcinoma.
Dr Laurent , Schwartz, Laurent Schwartz , Jean Gabillet , Ludivine Buhler , Jean-Marc Steyaert

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